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In the role of Graphic Designer, I have developed the ability to translate concepts into visual media with technical expertise and the skillful use of professional graphics software. My job is to provide practical solutions by following a company's brand guidelines, maintaining project deadlines and paying close attention to all the details.

Hire a designer with corporate marketing, packaging, printing and web design experience. A graphic design professional — like me!


As a graphic designer, I offer:

  • Work that promotes the right visual media message for your company.
  • Support by providing a solid approach to design.
  • The ability to produce cost-saving solutions.
  • Thoughtfully designed typography, graphic elements and copy.

Software and Coding

Image Editing Adobe Photoshop
Vector Drawing Adobe Illustrator
Web Design DreamWeaver
Markup / Coding HTML5, CSS3
Page Layout Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress

About me

self portrait

My background as a graphic and web designer has helped me to develop practical skills that can be utilized in any industry. Best practices to promote your business or organization with high quality and accuracy is standard.

My training began in the area of package design and printing in Dallas, Texas. The knowledge I gained in this field enabled me to work for companies such as Frito-Lay, JC Penney and Dr. Pepper.

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